Hello! You might be wondering who’s the writer of these blog articles. I’m a Single mother of 2 beautiful kids, and like most of you (who may be interested in reading this blog) I’m a homeowner, too!

I have always been interested in making my humble home look its best. But being a single mother, I have a budget to follow to keep up with our expenses. That’s why I made a habit of looking up, researching, studying and learning from a lot of people, professionals, and mentors about home improvement. I apply these tips and methods but with a twist, I make sure it fits my budget! I gather up all possible available resources and make them work – and guess what? Being “cheap” on home improvements can also make a big difference in styling your home!

Be a wise spender and save money while improving your home little by little and achieve that dream house. From Interior to Exterior Home Improvement tips – Join me! My goal is to help other homeowners build a better and happier home while staying on budget.