The Best Way To Protect Your Investment Is To Coat The Asphalt

Asphalt coating is one of the services that most people don’t use when they hire a paving company. It’s an extra cost that most commercial property owners don’t want to pay on top of what it costs to pave a lot. It makes sense since a new asphalt parking lot can cost a lot of money. But to protect that investment, you need to take good care of the lot over time. One of the most cost-effective ways to do that is to have an asphalt coating put on the lot.

How an Asphalt Coating Can Help Secure Your Parking Lot

A lot of things can be done with an asphalt coating, which is also called a sealcoat or a parking lot sealer. First of all, an asphalt coating adds another layer of protection to your lot against wear and tear. Sealcoating makes a barrier that water can’t get through. This keeps water from getting into the surface and causing damage to your asphalt lot. This keeps the water from freezing in cold weather and leaving cracks when it warms up.

Every time it freezes and thaws, these cracks, which are often hard to see at first, will get bigger. If these cracks aren’t fixed, they can get big enough to turn into potholes. A parking lot with a lot of potholes is not only ugly, but it is also dangerous. The cost of fixing potholes goes up the more and the bigger they are, but an asphalt coating can stop them from happening in the first place.

Your New Asphalt Can Last Longer

Asphalt is a fairly strong material for roads. Still, even the best-paved parking lots will wear down over time because they are always open to the weather. Putting an asphalt coating on your lot can protect it from these things for an extra three to five years. This makes your lot last longer.

This does more than just stop cracks from appearing, though. An asphalt coating will protect your parking lot for a long time and make it look like it was just paved. Seal coats protect asphalt from the sun’s UV rays, which keeps it from turning from shiny black to a dull, lifeless gray. This makes your commercial property look better from the street, which can help you get more business.

What You Need to Know About Asphalt Coating

It’s true that your parking lot might not need an asphalt sealcoat, but that’s just the truth. At the same time, though, a sealcoat is so good at protecting your newly paved lot that it would be a bad idea not to have one put on. The truth is that if you don’t sealcoat your lot, you’ll have to spend a lot more money on upkeep than you would if you did.

Investing in an asphalt coating is the best thing you can do to save money on overall maintenance costs, extend the life of your lot, and make sure your commercial property looks great for years to come.