4 Things to Know When Buying Window Replacements

It is not always easy to choose the appropriate windows for a house, particularly when it comes to aesthetic considerations like color, material, and design. It is vital to know what types of things you should be looking out for when acquiring replacement windows for your house. This is true regardless of whether you are trying to lower your energy cost, repair damaged windows, or just want to give your home a new appearance. Dayton Stucco & EIFS Repair will provide you with some useful information on the purchase of replacement windows.

1. Take Stock of What You Already Possess

You should first examine the windows that are already in your home before making any decisions on the replacement windows that you want to acquire. The replacement windows you choose for the windows you want to replace could be influenced in some way by the architectural design and the natural setting of the old windows. You may have a bit more leeway in the design of the new window so long as it will fit in the same space as the window that is now there, but changing the design of the window is still a possibility. However, what you want to use the piece for is an important consideration when selecting a design that would look well in your house. For instance, if the sun shines a lot through the window that you already have, you may want to choose a model that provides a higher level of protection against UV rays.

2. Consider the Different Styles and Colors Available to You

Changing the design and color of your house may do more than simply bring it up to date aesthetically; it can also make it more efficient in terms of its use of energy. Selecting the appropriate window type is essential if you want to increase the amount of natural airflow that enters and exits your house. This is because various window designs allow for differing degrees of airflow. If, on the other hand, you want to make a significant difference to the way that your house appears, having an idea of the colors that you want for your new windows will make the process of replacing them much simpler for you to manage. It is not a secret that the color you choose for your windows can help define the aesthetic that you are going for. Because of this, it is recommended that you consult with an expert at Dayton Stucco & EIFS Repair before making any purchases so that you can learn about all of the available options.

3. Give Some Thought to the Materials You Have Available

Knowing the materials you need for your replacement windows may also be an important part of evaluating how well they will function for you in the long run. If you don’t know which materials you need, you won’t be able to install them properly. Find out more about the benefits that various window materials may provide your house by reading the following:


Windows constructed of fiberglass material are both good to the environment and have minimal maintenance because of their composition. Because you won’t have to worry as much about things like rotting, corrosion, or cleaning when you go for replacement windows made of fiberglass, most homeowners will find that this is a simple and handy option to make. You may not only modernize the appearance and atmosphere of your house by installing fiberglass windows, but you can also reduce the amount you spend on your monthly energy bill.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the more popular choice since they provide a number of advantages to your house and are also an affordable alternative to consider. Because your house will have better insulation characteristics and a stronger seal, you won’t have to be concerned about air entering your home and driving up your energy expenditure. Additionally, vinyl windows are simple to clean and maintain thanks to their design, which does not need painting or staining. Because they are resistant to ultraviolet light, rot, and corrosion in addition to being resistant to UV light, you may rest assured that your investment will survive for many years to come.


If you want your house to have a more classic appearance, you might consider getting new windows made out of wood. Wood windows are a choice that is natural and kind to the environment, in addition to having a design that is long-lasting and robust. These windows will also look excellent in any house. Because of their simple construction, wood windows are simple to paint, and they also have excellent insulating capabilities, making them an excellent choice for a window that will endure for a long time.

4. During the process of window replacement, collaborate with a reputable business.

Even while the materials, design, and capabilities of your replacement windows are important, the quality of the end result will only be as good as the competence of the crew that installs them. Dayton Stucco & EIFS Repair is ready to assist you in making the decision that will be most beneficial to both you and your house when you are seeking to replace your windows in Dayton, Ohio. Get in touch with us right away if you have any questions regarding the window replacement services that we provide.

White Will Always Make Your Kitchen Look Good

house painters - white kitchen

Shades of white make a great background for a kitchen because they go well with all other colors and materials and textures.

Here are five different ways to add style to a white kitchen with accents and furniture to make it feel just right.

Clean and clear: Use black or stainless steel appliances and accessories or glass surfaces to create contrast. Add the finishing touches with a few brightly colored accents, such as chair covers, vases, sculptures, and brightly colored flowers.

Wood will keep you warm and comfortable: Think about using dark or light wood floors, furniture, and wall accents like decorative wood utensils (as mentioned above). White-on-white paper on one wall can add softness and interest, and a vase of flowers in warm or pastel colors can make the room feel more welcoming.

Modern and sleek: Combine modern furniture with architectural lighting (see the beautiful pendant lights below!) Abstract sculpture, art, and photography can be used as finishing touches.

Retro and chill: Appliances and flooring patterns that look like they came from the past can bring the past and the present together. Photos and old movie posters in black and white look great on white walls. Places like antique shops and yard sales are good places to look for finishing touches.

Eclectic: If you like a mix of styles, this is for you. We paint a lot of old homes. These cabinets used to be made of cherry wood! We often see great combinations of old and new. It’s your kitchen, so get creative!

No matter what style you choose, plants, flowers, and fruit bowls will add color and freshness. Use recessed lighting and unique or classic pendant lighting to make a room more interesting. Use art and other decorations to add splashes of color.

White walls go well with a wide range of kitchen backsplashes and islands. Marble, hexagon patterns, nickel or mosaic tile, and brightly colored block patterns are all popular choices for backsplashes among designers. The tops of prep and serving kitchen islands can be made of granite, marble, quartz, wood, or a combination of these materials.

White has always been a popular kitchen color, but this season, it has become even more popular. It’s a color that designers and homeowners often choose when they want something that looks and feels fresh and goes well with a lot of different things.
For help with your next kitchen painting project, visit us at Apex House Painters.

Should You Replace or Reglaze Your Bathtub?

bathtub reglazing - reglaze vs refinish

Bathtubs are an essential component of every house, and they are available in a range of forms and materials to suit your tastes. Your bathtub is one of the most frequented rooms in your house and the bathroom’s center point. It is where one takes hot baths, soaks after a hard day, or soothes a weary back with a peaceful soak.

However, although a bathtub is a staple in most houses, it is not always in good condition. Fortunately, updating your bathtub is really simple. And with a little of time, patience, and knowledge, you can either replace your bathtub or redecorate it for a more current, contemporary appearance.

What is a Reglazed Bathtub?

A bathtub reglazing is a cosmetic restoration that replaces your bathtub’s inside porcelain covering with a new glaze. If the porcelain coating on your bathtub is damaged or cracked, the surface becomes less secure. It will harm you if you slip on it, and it may also encourage the growth of germs that may make you sick. Worn porcelain also makes it more difficult to clean, which increases the expense of upkeep.

Why Should a Bathtub Be Replaced?

There are circumstances in which you may need to replace your bathtub rather than refinish it. The first issue is that your bathtub is fractured and shattered in many spots. This is a severe problem that cannot be resolved by re-glazing. It is costly to replace a cracked or damaged bathtub. A tub reglaze may provide temporary relief, but it is not a long-term solution.

Advantages of Reglazing a Tub

  • Reglazing is more affordable. You may have your tub reglazed within a few days of discovering the leak, and you will save a significant amount of money compared to replacing the tub.
  • Less complicated than replacing the bathtub. Another advantage of bathtub reglazing is that it makes bathtub replacement considerably simpler.
  • Less time is required. Reglazing is far quicker than replacement. In addition, there will be no need to wait for a new tub to come from the manufacturer.
  • Less mess than bathtub replacement. You will not have to deal with many contractors entering your home and cutting holes in the bathroom’s walls (or ceilings) to access the tub.
  • Requires less work than replacement. Because the reglazing simply impacts the tab, you may still use the restroom throughout the process. High-quality bathtub restoration may result in a beautifully crafted and well-maintained product.

Cons of Getting a Bathtub Reglazed

  • Only one time is possible. If the process doesn’t fit your needs, you’ll have to look for something else.
  • The material used to re-glaze depends on the weather so that it can dry. This means that the work can’t be done in the summer.
  • Reglazing your tub is not as long-lasting as getting a new one.
  • The chemicals that are used in refinishing are very dangerous and can cause health problems. When breathed in, they can make you tired, give you headaches, and irritate your throat. So, this job should be done by a professional contractor.
  • The bathtub that has to be reglazed must be in bad shape. Refinishing is a way to cover up small repairs with a cosmetic makeover.

Advantages of Changing a Bathtub

  • Replacement is a lasting solution. You will not need to remodel your bathtub in the near future.
  • With replacement, the bathtub is replaced with a new tub. This is often the simplest choice and does not need the demolition of any bathroom walls or fixtures.
  • You may choose the material to be used from the available selections and pick a less costly one.

Cons of Bathtub Substitution

  • The method is not inexpensive. Consider the cost of removal, installation, and replacement flooring. If you lack experience with these chores, they may cost more than reglazing the tub.
  • You will not have access to the restroom during renovation.
  • Replacement involves a great deal more physical effort due to the several steps required. This entails destroying the old tub, removing its parts, and installing the new tub.
  • The installation of a bathtub might take up to one month.
  • The quality of the new bathtub may not be superior to the previous one. In many instances, the material used to create earlier tabs is of greater quality than that used to create more current ones.


The bathtub is one of the few house fixtures that is seldom updated. It is simple to see why when you consider the possible problems and disadvantages. There are, fortunately, steps you can do to make your bathtub safer and more lasting. If you need a new bathtub, you should consider replacing your current one. Bathtub replacement is more costly than bathtub reglazing, but it is also more durable.

7 Smart Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Home


If you’re tired of all the clutter, having limited space, and just really want to maximize the free is in your home, you might think of getting rid of things. And, sometimes, all it takes is just a little more creativity.

Stop cramping items in the cabinet, get rid of those stashed messes inside the drawer, with these smart, clever ways to free up some space in your home.

Make your home more spacious and welcoming!

Invest in Functional Furniture

Functional Furniture is gaining more attention now, more than ever. Beds with built-in cabinets, drawers, and overhead shelves are such smart ways to save more space! Imagine having a bed in one corner, filled with things in its free spaces. There are also sofas that can turn into a bed, foldable tables with built-in chairs. And a lot more! Most home departments are selling these kinds of furniture.

Maximize use of cabinets and drawers

A wide range of items can be bought to add in your cabinet just like closet organizers. This just doesn’t help you save space but keeps your cabinets organized – minimizing the risk of future frustration when looking for something. This simple step can make your cabinet more functional. Also, ensure using your cabinets properly by storing out seasonal clothes and leaving your everyday, usual clothes easily seen,

Overhead racks (works best in the Garage!)

First of all, you can get rid of outdated furniture, broken tools and equipment, and such. As we all know, and relate with together, the garage is filled with different kinds of things – from luggage, seasonal decorations, tools, recreation equipment, and such. Now, overhead ceiling racks are one of the best ways to keep these various things in place and in order.

Secret Storages

This is a smart and exciting way to keep valuable items. This secret storage may be installed into the floorboards, behind a wall, up in the ceiling, and such areas. This saves a lot of space and adds security to your valuable items by being a storage in unusual places – which are hard to find.

Laundry Room Cabinet

This may be the least favorite room in the house, but without this, you won’t be able to get your clothes clean and done! You can make this space more functional by installing a cabinet sorter to organized soaps, detergents, and other tools used – making them at arm’s length as much as possible.

Display a large mirror

Having a large mirror installed or hanged on a big space of a wall can play a cool trick and make the room a bit bigger. It also helps in reflecting more light, making the room look more refreshing or brighter.

Use wall mounted hooks

Take advantage of the space on your wall by installing wall hooks to hang jackets, coats, bags, and umbrellas. This frees up space, minimizes clutter, and makes it more functional by making it easier for people to grab those everyday things and knick-knacks that are needed.