Sprinklers Rule!

So, after years and years of struggling with my grass, I decided to do something about it. My grass was always getting brown and it never seemed to get enough water.  Finally, someone said to me “are you watering your grass during the day? in the sun?” I had to say yes, because it was, you know, well, true.  And I wanted good advice on what to do.

It turns out that if you water your lawn under the hot sun, the water evaporates very quickly, and a lot of it does not even end up in your soil.  Worse, the water acts like tiny little magnifying glasses and can magnify the sun and burn your grass blades.  So not only is my grass not getting water, I am also wasting all this water that doesn’t even get used.  My water meter does not care that the water is evaporating.  Once that water passes through that little gear in my meter, I get charged, even if the water is steam in the air one minute later.

So what do I do? Get up late at night and water my lawn, or do I get a sprinkler system of some kind.  I had heard that they were really expensive, and required a lot of digging.  So, I did some research and it turns out there is a really cool solution, and it is really easy to install, and really easy to operate, and it does not cost an arm and a leg. Its Called LAWNBELT and its a DIY sprinkler system you can do for your house over a weekend.  The hardest part is visualizing and then laying it out on paper so that it covers your yard with sprinkled water.

Anyway, I got a plumber to come out and install a new custom hose bib in the right part of the front of my house (the other outdoor faucet hose is in a bad place) and that turned out to be my worst expense.  Once that was done, the rest was easy, and I even got a wifi timer. So I can control the water on my lawn, from anywhere. And it is finally getting green.  Almost!

7 Smart Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Home

cabinet on kitchen wall to save space

If you’re tired of all the clutter, having limited space, and just really want to maximize the free is in your home, you might think of getting rid of things. And, sometimes, all it takes is just a little more creativity.

Stop cramping items in the cabinet, get rid of those stashed messes inside the drawer, with these smart, clever ways to free up some space in your home.

Make your home more spacious and welcoming!

Invest in Functional Furniture

Functional Furniture is gaining more attention now, more than ever. Beds with built-in cabinets, drawers, and overhead shelves are such smart ways to save more space! Imagine having a bed in one corner, filled with things in its free spaces. There are also sofas that can turn into a bed, foldable tables with built-in chairs. And a lot more! Most home departments are selling these kinds of furniture.

Maximize use of cabinets and drawers

A wide range of items can be bought to add in your cabinet just like closet organizers. This just doesn’t help you save space but keeps your cabinets organized – minimizing the risk of future frustration when looking for something. This simple step can make your cabinet more functional. Also, ensure using your cabinets properly by storing out seasonal clothes and leaving your everyday, usual clothes easily seen,

Overhead racks (works best in the Garage!)

First of all, you can get rid of outdated furniture, broken tools and equipment, and such. As we all know, and relate with together, the garage is filled with different kinds of things – from luggage, seasonal decorations, tools, recreation equipment, and such. Now, overhead ceiling racks are one of the best ways to keep these various things in place and in order.

Secret Storages

This is a smart and exciting way to keep valuable items. This secret storage may be installed into the floorboards, behind a wall, up in the ceiling, and such areas. This saves a lot of space and adds security to your valuable items by being a storage in unusual places – which are hard to find.

Laundry Room Cabinet

This may be the least favorite room in the house, but without this, you won’t be able to get your clothes clean and done! You can make this space more functional by installing a cabinet sorter to organized soaps, detergents, and other tools used – making them at arm’s length as much as possible.

Display a large mirror

Having a large mirror installed or hanged on a big space of a wall can play a cool trick and make the room a bit bigger. It also helps in reflecting more light, making the room look more refreshing or brighter.

Use wall mounted hooks

Take advantage of the space on your wall by installing wall hooks to hang jackets, coats, bags, and umbrellas. This frees up space, minimizes clutter, and makes it more functional by making it easier for people to grab those everyday things and knick-knacks that are needed.


7 Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal Dramatically on a Budget

There are a lot of ways for a budget-friendly curb improvement – you just have to look at the right blog. And here you are – lucky you! We’ve rounded up the easiest and cheapest ways on how to level up on that curb game. Take pride in the looks of your home and increase its selling value (if you plan on selling it). Get reading and start adding some magic to your home without breaking the bank!

1.Paint and Glam the Front Door and Trims

Revive your home by adding brightness to it. Painting your front door with a popping color will do the trick! Opt for a contrast between the front door and facade. Just remember to keep the colors complimenting each other. This may cost you as little as $20 or much less!

front door beige in contrast home improvement

2.Light it Up: with Outdoor Lighting

Always keep in mind the style and function of the light. You want some nice looking lights that can adequately light up your entryway and give highlights to your home. This just doesn’t add up to the ambiance, but may help in preventing accidents and keep intruders away. Exterior lighting can be bought in any home improvement shop and will only cost you $20, more or less.

lightb inb the garden home improvement

3.Mailbox Makeover!

Add some accent with this simple and essential accessory! Making your mailbox standout can act as a statement piece to your home’s curb. Be sure to follow your community’s regulations, though. You can get a brand new mailbox for around $20.

mail box make over home improvement

4.Prune and Tend to Those Beds

Attending to your garden and regularly grooming them can always bring a fresh vibe to your home. Always remove growing weeds and clear out other debris. You can change flowers, too, according to the season. Go for colored flowers and bring some vibrant and lovely touches to your garden that people will surely love to notice!

bed of purple flowers home improvement

5.Clear the Driveway

The driveway can easily accumulate dust and dirt. Remove stains with a high-pressure washer. Store items, tools, and pieces of equipment that aren’t being used, in the garage or shed. Keeping the view simple and decluttered can make your home look much cleaner and organized – which reflects the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle, too!

clear driveway home improvement

6.Add Some Outdoor Art

Have some of those architectural pieces of art displayed in front of your home or in the garden. Fountains, statues, window boxes, house numbers, door knocker, and a lot more! You can find these items at an affordable price in a resale shop, or in the local flea market.

outdoor art state home improvement

7.Trim Trees and Bushes

You want people to see the front of your house. Trim those overgrown bushes, cut those branches – just be sure the front porch and windows are seen and are not being blocked by plants and trees. If you want to do this on your own, expect to buy your own sheers for around $10 at least.

bushes in garden in front of home home improvement